DailyTrib Screens

Introducing the DailyTrib Screens to the Highland Lakes Region. These commercial-grade screens offer an unrivalled solution for businesses seeking to captivate their target audience in Marble Falls, Burnet, and Kingsland. With the implementation of DailyTrib Screens, you can add impressions with on-screen commercials and an online web ad to your marketing strategy to establish an expanded local presence.

Positioned strategically within establishments such as restaurants, salons, gyms, and waiting rooms, the DailyTrib Screens present an opportunity to engage customers for substantial periods, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. As individuals go about their daily activities, they find themselves instinctively drawn to these dynamic screens, immersing themselves in the wealth of local content and captivating advertisements.

There are many advantages for businesses advertising on the DailyTrib Screens. By seamlessly integrating your :15-second commercial and web banner ad into the package, you gain exposure to an extensive audience, resulting in 400,000+ monthly impressions. This translates to heightened visibility, enhanced brand awareness, and increased potential customers.

DailyTrib Screens give you another option for connecting with your local community. You solidify your position as a trusted local business by showcasing your products or services at the heart of Marble Falls, Burnet, and Kingsland. Customers will wholeheartedly appreciate the personalized touch and the convenience of discovering businesses that cater explicitly to their unique needs.

Now is the opportunity to seize this chance and propel your advertising message inside these businesses. Contact us today to explore how DailyTrib Screens can help your marketing. Our Sales Representatives are ready to guide you through the process